Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Iron Dragon's Daughter Ebook Sale!


I'm of a generation that is really not comfortable with the whole self-promotion thing. However, a decent respect for my readers requires that when one of my publishers is promoting my work with a one-day sale I pass along the information. So...

The ebook of The Iron Dragon's Daughter will be featured in the Portalist's weekly deals newsletter on April 20th. That's on Thursday, two days from now. The ebook will be downpriced to $1.99 across all US retailers on that day.

And because my epublisher Open Road Media has made this possible I should mention that fact as well.

Um... and that's all The Iron Dragon's Daughter has proved to be the most popular fantasy novel I've ever written. So if you're a fantasy reader and an ebook reader and curious about my work, there's no better (or cheaper) place to begin.

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The Infinite Booksellter said...


I know this isn't related to your posted topic (The Iron Dragon's Daughter is one of my favorite novels, along with Stations of the Tide, which many years ago got me to read The Book of the New Sun after I read an interview with you citing it as one of your favorites), but I was curious if your excellent story "Radiant Doors" was still going to be made into a television show. I ask because I saw this on a list of upcoming television shows for 2017:

The Crossing
Refugees from a war-torn country start showing up to seek asylum in a small American town. Only the country these people are from is America and the war they are fleeing is 250 years in the future. The local sheriff with a past, a federal agent, and a mother in search of her missing refugee daughter drive this allegory with a surprising conspiracy at the center.

In any case, thank you for all of your work, and I look forward to your next Dragon novel.

Jonathan Hoagland