Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Glitterati Life -- Part 31,473


This appears to be the reading season. On Sunday, I made what may be my last public appearance to promote Not So Much, Said the Cat. Which is, as you know, my newest and most lavishly-praised collection of short fiction. The reading was in Wayne, PA at Main Point Books. This is a really lovely independent bookstore, which I celebrated by buying a book (Cixin Liu's  Death's End, as it happens).

I read a story, answered questions, chatted with patrons (some of them friends it was good to see again), and autographed books.

Then, yesterday, I went to the downtown Barnes & Noble to see Fran Wilde and Chuck Wendig read from their latest books, answer questions, chat with patrons (some of them friends), and autograph books.

Book events are, with rare exceptions, free and pleasant entertainments. I encourage you to attend as
many as you can. And remember that if you get a book autographed, it increases its value as a collectable if you ask the author to add the date -- but only on the year of first publication or on a date when the author does something significant like win a major award or commit suicide.

I always tell my friends that if if they ever find me signing and dating all my old books, they should buy me a drink and try to cheer me up.

And if you can read Hungarian...

I got quite a lovely review (even when viewed through the lens of Google Translate) from SF Mag.  You can read it here.

Above: There I am, reading. As is traditional, I have taken off my shoes.

Above right: Fran Wilde and Chuck Wendig. As befits rebellious youth, they performed their readings completely shod. They'll grow out of it.


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