Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MileHiCon and Me!


Not that anybody's ever commented on this -- you guys are amazingly polite, and I thank you for that -- but I have a tendency to begin all announcements about public appearances with the words 'This weekend, I'll be..."

But I'm trying to be better!  So this is my announcement that this October 24th, 25th & 26th, I'm going to be one of three author guests at MileHiCon 46.  MileHiCon is Colorado’s Oldest and Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention and it's in Denver, so that's two good reasons to attend.  That's not even counting my fellow author guests of honor Tony Abraham  and Ty Franck.  Or artist guests of honor Phil and Kaja Folio.  Or toastmaster Jeanne Stein.

I'm thinking this ought to be whopping big heaps of fun.  You can find the MileHiCon website here.

And speaking of today . . .

On this date, but on separate days, in 1616, both Shakespeare and Cervantes died. At the time, Spain had already adopted the Gregorian calendar while England was still stuck in the old Julian calendar.  Had his nation been a little more up-to-date, Shakespeare would have died sometime in May.

The poor bastard couldn't catch a break.

Above:  Yes, I know this is MileHiCon's 2013 logo.  They haven't had time to acquire a new one yet.  These are the risks one runs when making such announcements early.


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