Friday, August 14, 2009

Mo Better Montreal Graffito


In stark contrast to yesterday's ingenious take on old-school graffiti, here's something I stumbled across on the way to lunch from the Biodome. Les Vandals Canadiense really have got the mad skills, eh?

And how did I like Montreal as a whole? Well, just take everything their Chamber of Commerce wishes people would write about the city, translate it into English, and there you are. At night the streets are flooded with young people in love (or something sufficiently similar to love for them to work with), strolling hand in hand; eating in romantic sidewalk cafes; taking in the sights; laughing; speaking the language of romance, French ... oh yeah, and drinking too much. Way, way too much in the case of at least one young lady, who fortunately had a courteous young man nearby to retrieve her pants and gallantly return them to her.

Chivalry is not dead.


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