Monday, April 27, 2009

It LIVES! The Monster LIVES!


Okay, so today I am happy. I just received a box of the mass market paperbacks of The Dragons of Babel. Mass market! That means Tor thinks that that everyday reading-for-pleasure people might buy it.

Which would be extremely cool.

So elated was I that I took the books in the backyard and build an exactingly accurate scale model of the Tower of Babel with them.



David Stone said...

Read for pleasure readers as opposed to... Swanwick scholars? (I guess you mean people who want something to read on the plane)

I can attest that I would have never developed an interest in SF when I was a kid if TBP books hadn't been so cheap. The only thing my parents would buy for me were books, and even those usually had to be TPB, or I paid out of my own pocket. Of course, these days a used copy of the hardback (which I haven't seen anywhere, congratulations) would about the same price as the TPB...

Gail said...

Saw your paperback today in the Borders in Providence. Well done!

Michael Swanwick said...

There really is something special about having your books on the rack. It puts a twinkle in your step and a smartness in your eye.