Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Even More Edinburgh Elegance


Remember last Wednesday's photo of the Burke & Hare Strip Bar? I'll bet you were wondering what kind of business would be right next door to it. Well, wonder no more! It's The 3 Stooges Barber Shop!

You have to wonder what sort of person thinks: Getting my hair cut by the Three Stooges? Sounds great!

And in unrelated news . . .

Kathryn Cramer has posted the contents list of her and David Hartwell's best of the year volume, and it includes my story, "The Scarecrow's Boy."



Richard Mason said...

Scientists say your hair never lies
They've done lots of research
It may be just hype
But the latest findings cause me to tremble
Categorize us into three basic types
By which of the Three Stooges we most closely resemble

-- Timbuk3, "Hairstyles and Attitudes"

Michael Swanwick said...

Okay, that's just terrifying.