Wednesday, February 25, 2009

William Shakespeare -- ZOMBIE HUNTER!!!!

Okay, as you guys know, I try very hard to have only original stuff on this blog. But every now and then I run across something on the Web that's so cool I absolutely MUST post it. So I do it in mid-week. As today.

Plays & Players
, here in Philadelphia, is putting on William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead and to promote it they've posted the following explnatory video:

I'm speechless. Shakespeare . . . killing zombies? Is there anything the man couldn't do?



JJM said...

Impressive ... why haven't any of his biographies brought out this important episode in the Master's life rather than waste their time defending him against this Bacon fellow who's trying to steal his fame? [grin]

BTW, it's definitely zombie season. I trust you have heard about this development:


Michael Swanwick said...

I had dinner with a couple of horror writers recently, and they were practically spitting fire they were so indignant. "Only fifteen percent of the text is original!" one snarled.

Hey! Maybe I should rewrite the book as erotic fiction. " It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of an enormous schlong, must be in want of..."


JJM said...

Perhaps they were just jealous they didn't think of it earlier ...

As for your proposed rewrite: you do realize I now have to cope with the mental image of Kitty and Lydia embroidering codpieces for gentlemen "friends" ... (Yes, I know, anachronism. Nu?)

For that matter, my mind has yet to recover from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.