Monday, February 23, 2009

Rattling Poe's Bones

Saturday, Marianne and I met with the Loud Philadelphians, plus horror writers John Langan and Laird Barron for a reading at the German Society of selections from Ellen Datlow's new anthology Poe.  (Ellen's pictured above.)

Wonderful event.  Originally it was supposed to be in the Poe House across the street from the German Society, but since the house it small, it got moved.  And we all got to see the German Society's extremely retro and very cool library.  Then drinks afterwards in the Northern Liberties, attended by much loud talk and laughter.

Loud Philadelphians in attendance included Gardner Dozois, Susan Casper, Tom Purdom, Greg Frost, and Kyle Cassidy.  Does Kyle count as a Loud Philadelphian?  He's actually kind of quiet.  But I think he's passed some kind of critical mass for attendance, so, yeah . . . he's one of us.

Congratulations, Kyle.  If that's the right word for it.


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