Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BONES OF THE EARTH E-Book Sale! One Day Only!!!


Open Road Media, my e-book publisher, has just informed me that tomorrow, Thursday, April 25, 2024, my dinosaurs-and-time-travel novel, Bones of the Earth will be on sale for $1.99 in Canada and the US. 

When I finished writing Bones of the Earth, it was the most accurate dino novel ever written. When I finished a chapter, I'd run it past renowned dinosaur reconstruction artist Robert Walters. Who would return it to me with an insultingly long list of mistakes I'd made that needed to be corrected. Then I'd send it to the late Ralph Chapman, at the Smithsonian. Who would, again, return it to me with an insultingly long list of mistakes I needed to correct. The result was a factually pristine science fiction novel. Not one misstatement of fact.

By the time it was published, one of the corrections I'd made--having attacking teeth-birds fly up from the ground rather than down from a tree--was out of date. Paleontologists had discovered that, against prior assumptions, the early birds were capable of perching after all.

Since then, I assume, my book has drifted further away from what is currently known about the Maastrichtian. But it's still pretty good, factually.

Also, entertaining. Did I mention that it's lots of fun? It really is.



Mark Pontin said...

MS: 'Did I mention that it's lots of fun? It really is.'

If you like light, upbeat takes on species extinction, Mr. Swanwick.

Apparently, I do. I thought it was pretty good and worthy of more notice than it probably got.

JJM said...

It's the (to me) all too brief part that takes place at the Smithsonian that I enjoyed most, for purely personal reasons. Did you actually visit there and meet up with Chapman? Wish I'd known, if so -- I'd have loved to meet up with you for lunch. We had a good staff cafeteria back then, or we could have splurged and hit the little restaurant over at the National Gallery. As it is, best I could do was catalogue Bones of the Earth for the palaeontology branch of the library, where it still resided last time I checked.

Michael Swanwick said...

Yes, I did interview = Chapman in his office--and used it as the setting for the opening scene of the book. On the way out, Ralph led me to the souvenir shop and told me which books were worth buying and which I should definitely shun. He was a good guy and I miss him.

Yana Lysytska said...

Hello Michael Swanwick! My name Yana. My friend has written two wonderful books , but its difficult for him to publish, please if you can share your experience in this, I will be thankful.

Michael Swanwick said...

Hello, Yana. If I can find the time, I'll write a post giving the basics of selling a first novel. I am, at the moment, terribly busy. But I'll see if I can squeeze it in sometime.