Monday, April 1, 2024

THREE E-Book Sales in TWO Days!!!!



I remember, years ago in Chengdu, China, when Neil Gaiman showed Nancy Kress, Rob Sawyer, and me a thing called a Kindle Reader, which he'd been beta-testing and said, "This is inferior to any book and superior to any library, because you can throw it into your suitcase and take hundreds of books with you." He predicted that it would make e-books a real commercial item. 

The man was, as usual, right. 

Which leads neatly into the fact that Open Road Media is putting three of my e-novels on sale over the next two days.

On Tuesday, April 2, Bones of the Earth will be available for $1.99 in the United States and Canada.

And on Wednesday, April 3, The Iron Dragon's Daughter and Vacuum Flowers will be available for $1.99 each in the US and Canada.

Those are good deals. So if you read e-books and you'd like to some of mine... well, you couldn't get a softer sell than this from a talking gecko.


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