Thursday, May 19, 2022

"The Very Pulse of the Machine" Animated (and Streaming Today!)



Today's the day when I get to see what Blur Studio did with my Hugo Award winning story, "The Very Pulse of the Machine." The snippets seen on various trailers look promising. 

Love, Death + Robots releases its third season on Netflix today. As of this writing (I am typing this yesterday), I haven't seen my segment. But the credits look good.

Polygon Pictures, which did the animation, is the first Japanese studio involved in the project. Emily Dean, the director, appears to be on a short, steep upward arc. And Philip Gelatt, the writer, wrote the script for Europa Report, which I thought was a pretty great movie. So I am optimistic. 

 Here's Netflix's elevator pitch for the segment:

When an exploratory expedition on the surface of the moon Io ends in disaster, an astronaut must trek to safety dragging the body of her co-pilot while using potentially mind-warping drugs to deal with the pain of her own injuries in this trippy tribute to comic book legend Moebius.

You can see the trailer for season 3 here

If you don't have Netflix, you can see one episode, "Exit Strategies," which Blur dropped onto YouTube, and get an idea of what you're missing here.


Above, top: There I am with the season 3 t-shirt and the Dragonstairs Press logo. (The latest chapbook, The Proceedings of the American Martini Institute, A Report of the American Martini Laboratory, The Once and Future Rye: The Whiskey that Was America, goes on sale tomorrow at noon, Philadelphia time.) 

Above bottom: A still from the animation.




Ziggy Stardust. said...

Absolutely moving finished with tears in my eyes as I took in the beauty of that moment...Bravo!!

Plateau said...

This was by far my favorite episode of the season! I hope it captured what was compelling about the short story, which I hope I can track down as all I can find right now are rather dead links.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

Plateau - the short story is online at Clarkesworld

Unknown said...

Thats the link to the short story. Thank you for writing it, Michael. This is the greatest piece of fiction I have ever read.

Unknown said...

What an incredible story. Congratulations!

R_Kram said...

Just watched. This story was amazing and I crave more! Are there other novels based in this universe?