Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Iron Dragon's Daughter E-Book Sale! Act Fast!



Another one of those one-day pop-up e-book sales. Here's what they told me:

The e-book of  The Iron Dragon's Daughter will be on sale for $1.99 on Wednesday, May 18 for one day only. This is an Early Bird Books promotion available only in Canada and the US.

 Which is all I know.

If you want to sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter, which will give you the direct link to the promotion, you can do so here.


And because you may not know . . .


The Iron Dragon's Daughter is the story of Jane, a girl who has been kidnapped by the elves and forced to work in a factory, building dragons. Faerie has been industrialized. The high-elven wear Armani suits and dwarves sit in the back of the bus. As the story opens, the enslaved children who labor in the Baldwin Dragon Works are planning to murder their supervisor, Blugg.

This has proved to be my most popular novel ever. Some of my pals give me a hard time about that. "You peaked twenty-five years ago?" But there it is. A fact is a fact. 

Anyway, if you like reading e-books and you're at all curious about my work, this is a great opportunity.

There. That's as close to a hard sell as I'll ever come.



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