Monday, March 7, 2022

Launch Pad Workshop -- Last Day to Apply

All the former participants of the Launch Pad Workshop have been asked to spread the word that today is the last day to apply. So, okay.

This is a free week long astronomy workshop, a crash course in the basics of the science. For me, it was all worthwhile for the afternoon/evening jaunt to the university's telescrope, where I got to stargaze and see satellites flying overhead before sunset using a night scope that Mike Brotherton owns. Then, in a bit of serendipity, the International Space Station flew overhead. I saw it with my own unaided eyes!

 Here's the boilerplate.

 2022 Workshop Announced 

Our 2022 workshop will run from May 22-28 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Guests will stay on campus in the dormitory and dine in the Wakashie center. We ask that all accepted attendees have received COVID-19 vaccinations and are fully immunized by the start of the workshop. We are currently reviewing applications.  

 What is Launch Pad? 

Launch Pad is a workshop for established writers held in beautiful high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming. Launch Pad aims to provide a “crash course” for the attendees in modern astronomy science through guest lectures, and observation through the University of Wyoming’s professional telescopes. We generally cover all workshop expenses including meals and lodging. Launch Pad has in the past been supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation, Uwingu, the Space Telescope Science Institute, and generous individual donors. We currently enjoy funding from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  

Who is Launch Pad? 

Launch Pad was created by science fiction author, astronomer, and University of Wyoming professor Mike Brotherton, PhD, and Jim Verley, PhD. Joining us is Christian Ready, an astronomer whose work experience includes the Hubble Space Telescope and is now a professor at Towson University.


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