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A Letter from Ukrainian Artists to World Artists


I received the following letter from Bohdan Stasiuk, a science fiction and fantasy writer from Ukraine who tells me it was created by the Ukrainian science fiction community. It looks to be the real thing. But, as always, you should check the validity of the links before contributing any money. It's easy enough to do. 


A letter from Ukrainian artists to world artists! 


On Thursday, February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation started the  war against Ukraine and attacked our country. As we write this letter, the  army of the aggressor country kills our children, bombs cities and  civilians, and already turned more than 1,700,000 Ukrainians into  refugees. In an attempt to further occupy our lands, Russia at the same  time uses aggressive propaganda to justify its war crimes. Russian  citizens are consistently being lied to about what is really happening in  Ukraine. 


We believe that not all Russian citizens are fans of Putin’s regime and  not all of them justify this war. We know that plenty of Russians feel  scared to use their voices and speak up against Putin’s regime. Many  believe it is none of their business. Yet, there are also many who believe  in the righteousness of Putin and his propaganda. 


So, we plead with you — writers and visual content creators that have  big audiences of readers and followers in Russia. To them, your opinion  and your words matter. Your stand on the war in Ukraine matters.  Please, stand by us as we fight for our values, our democracy, and our  freedom. For the right to be Ukrainians and live in Ukraine. Your  powerful voices can influence these Russian readers and followers. To  encourage them to be brave, connect with their values, and take a stand  on ending this ruthless war. 


Please, take this message to your platforms and address your Russian  and Ukrainian audiences. The first ones need your encouragement to  believe in the power of their voices against Putin’s regime. The second  ones are in desperate need of support and kindness. 


We encourage the international community of fans of science  fiction & fantasy, writers, artists, editors to boycott the Russian book  market until the war in Ukraine ends and the country is free from  Russian occupation. Until Putin’s regime is condemned as criminal and  Putin and his closest allies are punished. As Ukrainians, we are working  on this to happen day and night but there are bureaucratic procedures 

that make the process so much slower in critical times where every  second counts and can save Ukrainian lives. 


Here are the ways in which you can help our country: 


1. Please, reroute the funds received from Russia to either of  the Ukrainian charity foundations that take care of refugees and  restore what was ruined by Russia: 


The National Bank of Ukraine has opened an account for humanitarian  aid to Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression. The account will be  used to credit charitable assistance from Ukraine and abroad. The  Ministry of Social Policy will use the funds raised to provide support to  the citizens of Ukraine who suffer the most from the war.  See below. 


2. If possible, terminate contracts and collaborations with  Russian publishers. Do not let them use the money they earn on  publishing your work to fund the war in Ukraine. 


3. Publicly denounce any further collaboration with Russia until it  stops its aggression. 


I will add that the following writers have already supported us by  announcing a complete refusal to cooperate with the Russian  Federation: Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Joe Abercrombie, Rebecca  Kuang, Michal Cetnarowski, John Crowley, Jakub Cwiek, Piotr Gociek,  Piotr Górski, Jaroslaw Grzedowicz, Marcin A. Guzek, Anna Kantoch,  Marta Kladz-Kocot, Tomasz Kolodziejczak, Jacek Komuda, Rafal Kosik,  Maja Lidia Kossakowska, Marta Barbara Krajewska, Pawel  Majka,Tomasz Nizinski, Lukasz Orbitowski, Michal Protasiuk, Adam Przechrzta, Marcin Podlewski, Radek Rak, Magdalena Salik, Arkady Saulski, Wit Szostak, Robert M. Wegner, Cezary Zbierzchowski,  Wojciech Zembaty.  


It is of paramount importance for these actions to be made public. This  will allow your readers to learn about your stand on the war in Ukraine  and help those content creators who are still hesitant about condemning  Russia’s aggression to take a stand, too.  


It goes without saying that either of these actions is an act coming out of  free will. We are grateful for any support. We are sure that the war that  currently unfolds in the middle of Europe is not only Ukraine’s war. This  is the war aimed at undermining and destroying the values of free  civilizations. In times of peace, we guard these values via our novels, art,  songs. Alas, this is not enough in times of war.  


If you are not sure you have enough information to make an informed  decision on taking a stand on what is currently happening in Ukraine,  please see these resources. 


If you have any questions we are willing to provide you with answers.  There can be delays in answering as many of us are often hiding in  shelters from active bombing. Others rely on very unstable internet and  phone connections while keeping in touch in these days of the war.  There can be delays in responses, we apologize in advance. 


Also, it is important to note that neither of us, the authors of this letter  need any urgent help. It is our country that is in a state of a  humanitarian crisis, desperately seeking support and allies. 


When taking to your platforms and speaking about Ukraine and war in  our country, please use these tags. 







Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Thank you for your  support. 

Volodymyr Arenev, writer 

Olena Hlushchenko, social activist 

Sergij Legeza, translator 

Alisa Lindeman, writer, screenwriter 

Myhajlo Nazarenko, literary critic 

Olena Odynoka, Head of International Cooperation Department,  Ukrainian Book Institute 

Daria Piskozub, writer 

Anatolij Pityk, translator 

Kateryna Pityk, translator 

Marija Shahury, translator 

Bohdan Stasiuk, translator 

Svitlana Taratorina, writer 

Ksenia Tomasheva, writer, co-founder of LITavytsia 

Alona Silina, culture manager 

Oksana Pronko, Fantasy & SF fanzine 'Svit Fentezi' (World of Fantasy),  Editor, Reviewer, Book Blogger 

Olha Cheryba, Blogger 

Andrii Novikov, Writer 

Kateryna Pekur, Writer 

Olha Tkach, writer 

Nata Hrytsenko, translator 

Iryna Hrabovska, Writer 

Ules Skela, writer 

Daria Kononenko, writer 

Vera Balatska, writer and teacher 

Maria Panfiorova, writer, editor  

Usmanova Olexandra, reader 

Pavlo Derevianko, writer 

Mia Marchenko, writer, translator

Yulia Syromolot, translator, writer 

Borys Sydiuk, producer, translator, nominated vice-chair of ESFS (2004- 2006) 

Katya Natalenko, Editor 

Darya Grebelnyk , writer & founder of (ukrainian epub  platform) 

Andriy Baglay, programmer, co-founder of (ukrainian epub  platform) 

Nata Yureva ,writer 

Andrij Ghorbunov, writer 

Nataliia Matolinets, Writer 

Iia Novytska, Editor of fanzine Das ist fantastisch! 

Hanna Lytvynenko, Translator 

Diana Semak, marketer, publishing house "NK-Bogdan" Iryna Pasko , Philologist, writer 

Maria Galina , writer, translator 

Kondratenko Nataliia, writer 

Katarina ,Writer 

Andriy Yurkiv , Software engineer 

Anastasia Trofymenko,literary critic 

Anhelina Drachenko ,Student, illustrator 

Ivan Sirchenko, book blogger 

Viktor Hundiak, Sculptor 

Serhiy Krykun , Artist, translator

Onim Alek , operator 

Olexandr Ihnatenko, writer 

Shvets Viktoria, Teacher 

Sofiia Rudenko, Bookblogger 

Ksenija Sokulska , translator 

Pavlo Cherepiuk ,writer 

Ilchuk Lyudmila, copywriter 

Maxym Lytvynenko, Writer 

Denys Solomonyuk, engineer, PhD, writer 

Skriplyonok Kateryna, Writer 

Olha Melnychuk , Student 

Anastasiia Posukhova (Kvitkova),student, translator, tutor Oksana Skyhar, Student 

Olga Migel, Writer 

Kateryna Yakobets , student 

Yuriy Boyko , Writer 

Natalia Lutsyshyn , Software engineer  

Vasyl Fedorii, Reader 

Illia Prokopenko, Journalist, proofreader, reader 

Dara Korniy, writer 

Ianina Lymar, Head of scientific and technical activities group of  scientific research and technical development deparment of  V.Shimanjvsky Ukrainian institute of Steel construction 

Victor Voitenko, Artist

Tanya Kondratiuk, Teacher 

Maryna Dubyna, Editor-in-Chief, Boryviter publishing; literary translator Maria Pukhliy. translator 

Vus Nataliia, Managing editor, reader 

Olena Sheremet, Translator 

Andriychuk Volodymyr, writer 

Olexiy Myhailiuk, Teacher 

Oleksandra Stepanishcheva , Freelance Copywriter  

Iryna Bilyk, Student 

Vitaliy Genyk, Writer 

Dasha Luneva, editor 

Oleh Silin, writer 

Valeriya Malahova, writer, translator 

Svitlana Patra, Writer, blogger. 

Kateryna Lysytska, bookseller 

Lusutska Ludmila, manager 


Sokol Iryna, Arist  

Iryna and Taras Fonrud , writers 

Larysa Dundiy , Writer 

Olena Krasnoselska, writer 

Larisa Illyuk, writer 

Daniel Woolf, teacher

Elizabeth Khoptynska , Student  

Oleg Korniichuk, writer 

Viktoria Yakowchuk, Student 

Solomia Bzhezinska , Psychologist  

Olena Krasnoselska, writer 



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