Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gregory Manchess Paints... Me!


So tonight, November 3, 2018, starting at 8:00 p.m. artist Gregory Manchess will paint a portrait of me... live! This will take place at the Artists' Reception of the World Fantasy Convention in Baltimore.

This is a big deal for me, not only for the obvious reasons but because I am a great admirer of Greg's work. Pictured above is his illustration for "The Mongolian Wizard," the first of a projected 21-story series being published on It's a terrific painting in its own right. But it also has virtues that you'll have to read the story to fully appreciate. First of all, it neatly encapsulates the tory without giving away any of its surprises. The faces of Ritter and Sir Toby (and the wolf Geri's, too, come to think of it) express their characters as I imagined them.

Most importantly, the illustration captures the essence of the story. If you looked at it and thought, "I hope the story's as good as the picture is," then you're going to enjoy the story. Conversely, if you thought, "That is exactly the sort of thing I would never read," well... Greg's just saved you the trouble.

While I'm being painted, both Greg and I will take questions about our work. So it should be a dynamic, involving event. If you're at the WFC, consider dropping by.

Oh, and spread the word, would you? This event was put together at the last moment, so not everybody who would be interested knows about it.


And you may be wondering . . .

Haven't I been saying I wasn't going to the World Fantasy Convention?

Yes, I did say that and, indeed, I'm still in Philadelphia. I'll be there only for the two-hours-and-change that the event will take. So if for any reason you want to see me...



TheOFloinn said...

That is indeed a fine p[ainting.

Sandy said...

Yes, it does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the series.

Hesperus said...


Your "contact me" section of your website keeps sending 404 errors. Sorry that I'm sending this to you via a comment in your recent blog post but Vacuum Flowers is constantly brought up as a sci-fi classic. As a huge sci-fi fan that listens to audiobooks, I was wondering if we'll ever see your classic in audiobook format? Audible is huge and I think it would attract a lot of attention. Really hope you consider getting an audiobook version together if you aren't already!



Erik said...

I should check your blog more often! Even this small reminder that the Mongolian Wizard stories are still percolating in your mind does me good!