Monday, May 1, 2017

Serial Box in Brooklyn!


Back in the day, it was a well-kept secret how much serious art is collaborative. The Great Man (almost always Men) was supposed to be like John Wayne -- solitary, independent, heroic. Which was ridiculous, of course. Even Picasso, who was the most monstrously aloof of artists when he wanted to be, accepted input from other artists on Guernica, because that was a painting that mattered too much to him to keep up pretenses.

In literature, collaboration is everywhere, both overt and covert, and when it works well, it's loads of fun.

I'll be at the Brooklyn Commons tomorrow for the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series. event celebrating Serial Box's collaborative and serialized genre novels. If you're local and have the evening open, why not stop by?

I honestly expect it will be great fun.

You can find all the info here.

And Speaking of Dinosuars...

My paleontology novel,  Bones of the Earth, will be featured in Early Bird Books, which is Open Road Media's daily deals newsletter on May 15, 2017. That's two weeks from now. The ebook will be downpriced to 1.99 across all US retailers on that day.

To subscribe to EBB (and I believe you have to go through them to get this deal, though I have to confess I'm not absolutely sure), click here and follow the simple instructions.


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Greg Stewart said...

You don't need to be a subscriber to EBB to get the deal, but it's a worthwhile piece of junk email to get in your inbox.

I generally just go to my B&N Nook App, search for the book when I see it is on sale, and buy there.

I typically see 2-3 books I SHOULD get and read each week in this AND BookBub.

Greg in Mississippi