Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Return of Ritter


This is a good day for me. "The Night of the Salamander," the latest story in the Mongolian Wizard series, is up at With, it almost goes without saying by now, another very fine illustration by Gregory Manchess.

It's not obvious from the story itself, but "The Night of the Salamander" introduces the second of the three great loves of Kapitänleutnant Franz-Karl Ritter's life. That's assuming that the rest of the series goes as currently planned.

This is, incidentally, the fifth story in the series. Tor has two more in inventory and will publish them at their pleasure. So the chronicles of Ritter, Sir Toby, and the Mongolian Wizard's conquest of Europe are one-third written.  That's seven down and fourteen to go.

You can find the story here. Or you can just go to and have a pleasant time wandering about.

And speaking of . . .

The current issue (page? iteration?) of has an enthusiastic review of Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany. I have a contributor's copy, of course. But if I didn't, this review would send me out to buy a copy.

So it seems that the good folks at Tor conspire to make me happy.

You can find the review here. Or, as I said, go to and start poking around. They've always got interesting stuff to read there.



William Lange said...

Was the use of the officer's rank of Maréchal de camp a nod to Sprague de Camp?

Peter D. Tillman said...

"That's seven down and fourteen to go."

Oh, good. And this was an excellent addition.