Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Touring the Phoenix


If I have a single flaw -- and most people feel that's understating the case -- it's that I never post my scheduled public appearances more than a few days ahead of time. So folks who are hoping to get an autograph from me frequently tell me that had they only known...

Mea culpa. And mirabile dictu, as well. For I have here a preliminary list of places I'll be appearing to support the publication of the new Darger & Surplus novel, Chasing the Phoenix.  There should be more, and I'll update the schedule as they come in. But for now, this should suffice.

Scheduled Appearances

Tuesday, August 11 - Main Point Books, Bryn Mawr, PA
This will be the official book launch.

Saturday, August 15 - Quail Ridge Books and Music, Raleigh, NC

Sunday, August 16 - Oak City Comic Show, Raleigh, NC

Monday, August 17 - Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC

There'll also be an appearance on WCOM with Samuel Mongomery-Blinn of Bull Spec and Mur Lafferty of Carolina Book Beat

Tuesday, August 18 - Malaprop’s, Ashville, NC

Friday, August 21 – Sunday, August 23 – Sasquan World Science Fiction Convention

Wednesday, September 9 – Philadelphis Free Library Central Branch, Philadelphia, PA
A panel on the history and future of science fiction and fantasy in Philadelphia

Monday, September 21 - University of Pennsylvania (B&N College), Philadelphia, PA

I'll also be at Readercon in a week-and-some, July 10 through 12. But since Chasing the Phoenix won't be out by then, it doesn't count. If you see me, be sure to say hi anyway.

Above: The bust of Sir Blackthorpe Ravenscairn de Plus Precieux in my office. Also a globe of Mars.


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