Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the Company of Dragons


Here I am, in my natural habitat -- in the company of dragons.  This was taken outside of Yangshuo at Moon Bridge Mountain.

Just wanted you to see that.

I've been working on promotional materials all day and have to go pick up some relatives at the airport now.  But this would be a good place to mention that I'm going to be running classic Unca Mike's Bad Advice columns for the next few Fridays. Then, after I've garnered enough new questions to proceed onward, I'll be making Ask Unca Mike a regular Friday feature for the foreseeable future.

Be there, as we used to say back in the Neolithic, or be square.

I miss Wooly Mammoths.

Above: Photo by Eileen Gunn. Used by her permission. All rights reserved.


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