Monday, June 3, 2013



I had quite a nice weekend, topped off yesterday by a daylong backyard party with a lot of the people I like most in attendance.  So today I am happy but weary.

Which is why I'm posting the above footage of gannets diving.  Watching them is almost terrifying, they're so swift and efficient.

Beautiful, if amateurish, footage.  I'm not a big fan of the music, though.

And here's some footage of gannets in super slo mo.

Finally, if you like a little intellectual context with your eye candy, Darren Naish's blog post, which turned me on to the original video, can be seen here.  Good stuff.

And in the Guardian . . .

The very fine writer Christopher Priest eulogizes the late Jack Vance.  Unsurprisingly, it's quite a nice piece.

Click here to read it.



Ken Houghton said...


HANNAH'S DAD said...

> "Unexpectedly"?

He was very harsh when reviewing the short list for the Arthur C. Clarke awards, particularly in his assessment of Charlie Stross (google for "Chris Priest internet puppy" to reveal all).

Priest's article caused all sorts of fuss and angst around the net, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it less if I were one of the writers discussed...

Michael Swanwick said...

I think that's a safe call.

What I MEANT to write was "unsurprisingly." Unexpectedly, I wrote something else entirely. My bad. It's been corrected.