Saturday, December 17, 2011

Women Are Beautiful

Here we are with visual proof that most women are beautiful.  I'm married to a beautiful woman.  If you're an adult female, chances are that you are a beautiful woman.  Here's why that fact isn't as self-evident to you as it is to me.



Frank Böhmert said...

You're so right, sir!

Anonymous said...

They have a reverse one for guys, I think. At least that's what my mirror told me this morning!

Great clip.

matthew brandi said...

Our nutty society wants women's self-esteem to depend on their believing they're beautiful, and it wants them to believe they are not beautiful.

The gallant response is "ladies, you're all beautiful."

Isn't the sane response to attempt to undermine the connection between women's self-esteem and women's belief in their own beauty?

If that's still a radical response, I am officially depressed.