Monday, December 26, 2011

Soft! Kitty! Klingon! Yikes!


I've written novels.  I've written stories.  I've posted blogs.  I've done lots and lots of things with words.  But I've never launched a meme that went viral.

Klingon language maven Lawrence M. Schoen, however, has.  Potentially.  His Facebook video of himself singing "Soft Kitty" in Klingon (his own translation!) hasn't yet ripped through the blogosphere (or whatever it is that you young kids call it these days) like a bat'leth through soft butter, even though it's been up for days.

What's wrong with us?

C'mon, guys.  Let's put our shoulders behind this.  Blog, forward, reblog, tweet, and faceboo.  I won't be satisfied until Lawrence has a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory.

And on Wednesday . . .

We're coming up on the conclusion of this year's Godless Atheist Christmas Card competition.  And, oh dear God, what a roller coaster it's been this year.  Thrills! Tears!  Last minute turnarounds!  It's been such an amazing year that the Blue Ribbon And Not At All Nepotistic Jury of My Immediate Family decided we'd have to wait two days after Christmas to see if something even more Godless and Atheistic than what was already received might yet pop up in our mailbox.

In any other year, that would seem impossible.  Given what today's front leader is.


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hakkensack said...

Great! Done in hakkensack.