Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Chance for the Well-Heeled Book Collector!

Henry Wessells has just informed me that there are only six copies still available of the subscribers issue of Hope-in-the-Mist. Which the Temporary Culture page describes as:

30 copies, hand bound in chartreuse Asahi book cloth with Ann Muir marbled endsheets, signed by Michael Swanwick and Neil Gaiman, and with the frontispiece signed by Charles Vess.
Five copies lettered A - E, for presentation.
Subscribers issue, 25 numbered copies : $300 in U.S. ; foreign $325 (includes shipping and a copy of the trade issue).

At three hundred bucks a pop, this is obviously for the serious collector only. But I thought I should mention it because it looks like there won't be a single one left on the market at the time of publication this July. So anybody who needs this book (and you know who you are) should move fast. There are some avid Neil Gaiman collectors out there.

You can find ordering information here.

Henry tells me there is good strong interest in the paperback, too. But with a print run of two hundred copies and a kind of specialized topic, it should be obtainable through the summer.


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