Friday, June 13, 2008


It's not up on Locus Online yet, but Howard Waldrop has been admitted to the Seton Medical Center in Austin and is in the ICU.

He was having trouble breathing, which seems to have been pulmonary edema brought on by high blood-pressure. His heart catheterization showed that he has multiple blockages, and some heart damage from a prior heart attack that he didn't even know he'd had, what they call a "silent heart attack."

He's going in for bypass surgery in a couple of days, after they treat a bladder infection and try to get his blood sugar under better control.

Gardner Dozois has spoken with Howard and reports that he was "amazingly cheerful, taking it all as if it was No Big Deal. Muy macho. He'd have made a good masked Mexican wrestler."

I'll keep you all posted, as more news comes in.

Instant Update

Howard's bypass surgery is set for Monday.

And the Poem du Jour . . .

. . . continues. Yesterday's was Mehitabel the Cat's magnum opus.



Unknown said...

Oh man, good to hear is in good spirits. I hope he comes through the op OK.

Unknown said...


ashcomp said...

Perhaps somebody in the area will volunteer to collect well-wishes?

Michael Swanwick said...

You can always e-mail 'em to me. I'll print 'em out and mail them to him. Howard likes mail.

you can reach me at, if you replace the BLANK with the at-sign.

EKovar said...

Damn and blast.

It is somehow appropriate that this happened on Friday the 13th.

Unknown said...

Talked to Howard yesterday. He's in really good spirits.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

damn. I can't help thinking about the American health system and how much writers earn... Best wishes for Howard.