Monday, March 18, 2024

Locus Fundraiser (Deep Pockets Edition)



Locus Magazine is the closest thing that printed science fiction has to a center. It's not just where we get the news and reviews that matter to SF fans and writers, but where we learn about what 's happening outside the restricted circle of people we happen to know. Sort of like a Serengeti watering hole without the chance of being eaten by a lion. So it matters that it stays in business and it matters that its yearly fundraiser succeeds.

Right now, they're holding two simultaneous fundraisers. One I've already talked about because Marianne and I donated three Dragonstairs Press chapbooks to it. You can find that here.

They're also holding a week-long fundraiser for the well-heeled. The incentives being offered range from Neil Gaiman recording a personalized voicemail message for you ($450) to a fairy stone tiara ($250) created by Hugo Award and Chesley Award winning artist Sara Felix.

There are also some rather expensive items on offer as well.

If you have the money, you should take a look. If you don't, you should look anyway and daydream about what you'd get if HBO picked up that fantasy trilogy you haven't yet written.  You can find the items here. But hurry--this fundraiser ends Wednesday.


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