Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Winter Songs from Dragonstairs Press


Those who follow this blog are aware that I am married to the proprietress of Dragonstairs Press and that once a year, she says, "Swanwick! Write me some Solstice stories." Which she then proceeds to incorporate into small, beautiful, and hand-stitched chapbooks appropriate for winter festivities.

And once  a year, a fraction of those chapbooks become available for sale to collectors and those who love them. 

Here's the letter that Marianne sent out to her regular clients:

Dragonstairs Press is pleased to announce the sale of Winter Songs.

Winter Songs is Michael Swanwick's witty take on some of the most popular music in the western canon.  What was Henry VIII plotting when he wrote Greensleeves?  Will Lord Wren ascend to the Throne of Twigs?  And what was in the holds of those three ships?

Enjoy these six quick tales, hand-stitched and bound in screen printed, hand-made silver paper, 5½ x 4¼, signed and numbered.  Issued in an edition of 120, of which 37 are offered for sale.

Available Saturday, December 2, 2023 at noon EST, Philadelphia time at Dragonstairs.com.

Mark your calendars! These chapbooks always sell out fast.


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