Thursday, September 21, 2023

E-Book Sales! Today and Tomorrow Only! (Also, Free Stories)


It's not just you. Open Road Media has been running promotion-sales of my e-books rather a lot lately. No idea why. But if I can't cooperate with the people who are working hard to earn me money, then what a I doing in this business?

So here's the deal: Today, Thursday, September 21, my first novel In the Drift, is on sale for only $1.99. One day only, and only in the United States.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 22, my dinosaurs-paleontologists-and-time-travel novel Bones of the Earth, goes on sale for one day only. Again, it's just $1.99 and, again, available only in the US.

And what's this about free stories . . .?

Over at, they're offering a free download of their Summer 2023 Short Fiction Bundle, containing all the short fiction they've put up online over the last several months. It includes my story, "The Star Bear," so I think it's a terrific deal.

You can find it here



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