Wednesday, February 15, 2023

My Boskone Schedule



Boskone is this weekend and as you can see, Lady Hypatia of Alexandria has already packed herself in the bag, thinking that this time it will surely work. Hypatia is an optimist.

As am I! I think that even though the weather threatens to not deliver the traditional Boskone Sunday Blizzard, Marianne and I will have a great time.

 Here's my schedule:


Start Time      Duration            Room Name          Session ID                      Title
Fri 7:00 PM    1 Hr          Marina 3                  191        The Long and the Short of it: A Debate
Sat 11:30 AM  1 Hr          Marina 2                  62          Fantasy's One-Volume Wonders     
Sat 2:30 PM    1 Hr          Marina 3                  98          The Romantics and their Influence on SFFH  
Sun 11:30 AM  1 Hr          Galleria - Kaffeeklatsch  295        Kaffeeklatsch 1: Michael Swanwick               
Sun 1:00 PM    1 Hr          Harbor 1 - Hybrid          138        HYBRID: The Magic of Magical Realism      

If you attend, be sure to say hi. I'd like that.




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