Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Iron Dragon's Mother -- In Russian



This is ironic and even a little sad. I've just received a copy of my latest Russian publication--The Iron Dragon's Mother in translation.


It's a beautifully made book. Above are the book itself and the foil cover using the same image. Azbooka does a lovely job of creating books that readers would want to own. If you could hold it, you'd know it has good heft. If you opened it, you would admire the paper. If you could read Russian... well, I have reason to believe the translator has done a good job.

Russian publishing has been very good to me. Russian fandom has been warm and supporting. The Russian writing community has welcomed me with open arms--even those writers who are the Russian equivalent of the patriotic American future-war writers that Baen Books has been so good at publishing and promoting. (Times being what they are, I will specify here that I admire Baen and approve of those books.) I have not a single bad thing to say about anybody I've met and/or associated with in Russia. I love those guys to pieces.

You can see the "but" coming here, can't you?

When Putin invaded Ukraine--you can hardly say that it was the Russia people when even the soldiers sent there had no idea what was going on--I resigned my position as honorary president of the International Writers Union. This enraged some of my Russian friends, who believe every word they hear on RT. I got an earful from them. They were 100% sincere.

However this war ends, I don't believe I will be welcome back in Russia for a long, long time. And, for my part, I won't be publishing my books there either.

So be it. As much as I love Russia and the Russian people, my loss is as nothing compared to what every single Ukrainian is going through now.

But looking at this lovely, lovely book... It's ironic and even a little sad.



Peter D. Tillman said...

Huh. I think the US needs to revive RFE/Radio Liberty. Czar Putin seems to be a master of the Big Lie. Besides being a war criminal.

You might enjoy this tribute to Ukraine from Ancient Peru:

Unknown said...

Oh, don't worry, after Dancing with Bear, in which Lenin and Czar mixed together, I think they are already ready for this. After all, in a world in that Russian cats and Russian trees are being banned, Russian readers "get punished" for such motives are not strange at all.
Russian readers are the most tolerant ones, they even haven't boycotted US writers for US's over-half-centuries-booming-and-invading other countries.

Peter D. Tillman said...

"US's over-half-centuries-booming-and-invading other countries."

Um. Perhaps you could unpack that?
Well, Vietnam & Cambodia. Amazingly stupid war, and obviously so at the time. Well, nobody's perfect. Still, prospective immigrants to the US line up hopefully at US embassies & consulates all over the world. Or just walk in. I don't think Russia is attracting too too many immigrants lately. Or China, for that matter.

Unknown said...

I agree with you and your actions. Most people love their country and, even when it does the most awful thing, try to find the intellectual reasons to justify that love, most often in the face of adversity and ridicule.