Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bones of the Earth E-Book Sale! One Day Only!



I spent a year researching Bones of the Earth--interviewing paleontologists, viewing fossils, and of course reading intensely. As I wrote, I called paleontologist Dr. Tom Holtz at least once a week with a long list of questions. Then, as I finished each chapter, I ran it pas dinosaur reconstruction artistt Robert Walters, who would return it to me with an insultingly long list of corrections to be made. After which I ran it past paleontologist Ralph Chapman, who returned it to me with an insultingly long list of yet more corrections to be made. When I turned in the manuscript to my publisher, it was the most accurate dinosaur novel in existence.

When the book was published, some months later, it was less accurate. Because new discoveries had overturned some of the novel's presumptions. I don't think I'd date run a rigorous fact-check on it today.

Nevertheless, it's a lot of fun and, I dare to say, a pretty accurate look at what paleontology would be like if only its practitioners had access to time travel. 

And, for one day only, the e-book is coming up on sale! Here's the details as they were given me:

We are pleased to let you know that the following ebook(s) will be featured in price promotions soon.

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9781504036467 Bones of the Earth Swanwick, Michael ORM - Portalist NL US 2021-02-10 2021-02-10 $1.99
9781504036467 Bones of the Earth Swanwick, Michael ORM - Portalist NL CA 2021-02-10 2021-02-10 $1.99

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And it's back to work with me . . .

 In the past several days, I've gone over proofed copies of three stories, "Hugin and Munin--and What Came Next," "Dreadnought," and "Annie Without Crow."  Coming out from three different zines. I'll be letting you know which ones, as they are announced.


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