Monday, July 9, 2018

Eight Pictures from the Gardner Dozois Memorial


The memorial for Gardner Dozois was held Saturday at the Friends Center in Center City Philadelphia. Well over a hundred people showed up (I doubt anybody counted) to honor and remember a brilliant writer and editor and one of the best and kindest men I've ever known.

I've written many thousands of words of memorials and appreciations over he past month, so today I'll just post a few pictures with minimalist captions.

Above: Gardner's son, Christopher Casper. His words were the wisest and most heartfelt of the day.

Tess Kissinger sharing memories of Gardner.

"Look -- manatees!" George R. R. Martin tells a very funny story about the old days.

Left to right: Tom Purdom, Barbara Hearn, Margaret King.

Gregory Frost somehow looking both mischievous and elegant.

Joe Haldeman sharing a story with Chip Delany. Tess Kissinger is in the background.

Chip again.

And Jack Dann.

All in all, a very sad event, laced with laughter.


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Andrew Porter said...

Thanks for the photos.

Alas, I didn't know about it until it was over. Apparently the info was posted on Facebook, which I'm not on, sigh...