Friday, March 24, 2017

Geek Highways II


As always, I'm on the road again. Or, rather, I will be soon. Sunday, Marianne and I had out for our second Geek Highways tour, a trek from Philadelphia to Wallops Island and then Kitty Hawk, with (I hope) strange stops in between. 

I'll be blogging every day, which should make a welcome change from the neglect I've been showering on the blog of late.

(For which, again, my apologies. I've been dream-deep in The Iron Dragon's Mother and it's taken me away from many a lesser effort. Luckily, the final sections take place on the seacoast of Faerie so I need lots of material on coastlands and marshlands. Which is, to be honest, the secret motivation behind this adventure.)

So, starting rather late Sunday, expect to see more science-and-literature adventures here. It'll be fun!

Above: From the original Geek Highways, three years ago, the historic Gardner Dozois house, home of the young writer-and-editor-to-be.


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