Friday, February 10, 2017

Four Stories in Science Fiction World!


I'm in print in China again!

Those who know me are aware that I take a special pleasure in my association with Science Fiction World. I like and respect the people there and, based entirely on the titles of other translated stories that have appeared there, they seem to have very good taste in science fiction.

Yesterday, a package arrived in the mail with my contributor's copies of the December 2016 issue of Science Fiction World Translations. (I think this is a spin-off magazine, but it might be a regularly-scheduled special issue. Maybe somebody who can read Chinese can set me straight?)

The issue contains not one! not two! not three! but four stories by me. They are:

"Radio Waves"
"The Edge of the World"
"The Changeling's Tale"
"Mother Grasshopper"

These are all stories that I am particularly proud of and, taken as a group, they form a very nice mini-collection of my work. So my day is made, I am happy, and I have something to brag about at the Pen & Pencil Club tonight.

And while I'm being happy . . .

There's also an author photo of me in SFW showing me pointing to the Chinese translation of Bones of the Earth. I'm particularly pleased with that because it was taken in the Science Fiction World offices in Chengdu. I've visited those offices twice, on widely separate occasions. That's another thing that makes me extremely happy.



Mark Pontin said...

Michael -
Would you like to write a story for the next MIT TWELVE TOMORROWS science fiction issue?
Pay would be $5,000, since we’re looking for approximately 5,000 words at $1 per word.
I know you've got your head down on your next novel and need to stay with that. That said, when I was asked to take a hand in editing this one, the first author I said I wanted to get a story from was you. Delany is already onboard for this issue’s interview (the last one we did was Gene Wolfe, which you liked), so you’ll be in good company there.

I've left my MIT email address via your 'contact' page on your main site and my gmail here, too, I guess.

David Stone said...

According to their site, SFW Translations started in 05 as a supplement to SFW, but now it is a standalone monthly publication.