Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Glitterati Life: Readings and Panels


I've put in somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 miles in the past month, roaming about small fractions of this tremendous country. And yesterday I added another two hundred miles to the total, jaunting up to Brooklyn for the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series, ably hosted by WBAI's finest, Jim Freund.

First up was Rajan Khanna (above), who read from his novel, Rising Tide. And got a very good reception, too.  Then I read, "The Seduction of Prince First-Born Splendor," a story or story-like excerpt carved and slimmed down from my wondrously entertaining new novel Chasing the Phoenix. Which the audience was kind enough to like.

I always give away my reading copies, signed and dated (and so should everybody; if this were the common practice, then there'd be an excellent reason to go to lots of readings by new authors who need the audience; spread the word). This time, in keeping with the series' traditions, it was given away in a free raffle and went to Matt Blackburn. Who got a unique item since the copy I read from was the only one ever printed out and I just now destroyed the e-file.

Afterward, I got to chat with lots and lots of people, including both old friends and new. So that was good.

And tonight... Geekadelphia's panel of Science Fiction in Philadelphia.  It should be great. I wonder who'll be there.


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