Monday, February 23, 2015

My Annotated Office Wall


For no particular reason, here's a photo of one wall of my office.  A little murky, perhaps, but still crammed with wonder.

Top of wall. left to right:  a photo of me listening to a blood rabbit, a black&white original SF illo by Robert Walters; a West African sword (originally in the Chicago Exposition, then the Philadelphia Civic Center Museum, then the African American Museum, then Material Culture), a poster made by Ray Ridenauer for the Back Page Boyz ("the Original Boy Band from the 20th Century") based on a photo by Joanne Burke; a photo by Joanne from the same session, featuring me, Gardner Dozois, Tim Sullivan and Greg Frost; a plaque of (my thanks to Lars, below, for identifying it for me) an Ornithocheirus skull.

Lower wall, left to right: plastic moon lamp on which is written a love story addressed to Marianne; a Dilophosaurus poster by Robert Walters, the framed cover of Asimov's for "The City of God."

Atop bookcase:  Globe of Mars, autographed by Kim Stanley Robinson, with a coyote face resting atop it; flash fiction in small frames; bust of Surplus; stone fu dog; guardian turtle with two masks resting atop its shell; a lantern filled with keys; a book press holding several cigar boxes filled with interesting stuff, atop which are several plastic figures, including a Dimetrodon; a Rolodex containing the names of partially-written stories.  Among much else.

One day Marianne suddenly looked about her and said, "How did I wind up living in a wizard's den?"

"The skulls are all yours," I reminded her.

Above:  The rest of my office is too cluttered to show you.  Maybe someday after I get it tidied up.



Eleanor said...

I envy your wall.

Lars said...

That skull on your wall looks like that of a pterosaur - Ornithocheirus, if I'm not mistaken (easily could be - it's not my field).

Michael Swanwick said...

Thanks, Lars. The post above has been corrected.