Thursday, December 20, 2012

The War on Krampus


Here you go, proof positive that there's a war on Christmas -- and it's being fought by Christians.  How else to explain the shameful sanitizing of the ancient Solstice season by removing pretty much all reference to Santa's dark Other -- Krampus?  Particularly when there appears to be not one but hundreds of him?

Seriously, though, a Krampus parade would be a fine addition to the winter holidays.


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Unknown said...

So I was in the bookstore just yesterday, and apparently some author felt the same way about the exclusion of Krampus - so much so that among the new title in fantasy is one entitled simply 'Krampus. '

It's by someone named simply Brom, with two other books under their belt, and 'No. ' I haven't perused any of them yet.Just thought the timing with this article was interesting.

The blurb for Krampus make it sound quite bloody though.

Wayne Z