Monday, September 28, 2009

The Serbian Periodic Table of Science Fiction


Check this one out! The SF Team has translated The Periodic Table of Science Fiction into Serbian.

Sf Team is an informal group of fans and enthusiasts from Serbia (with members from Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro) who gather at the web portal and forum. In addition to news, book and moviereviews and discussions about science, its sub genres and related genres, they are also publishing their own SF webzine, Vektor. And, with my permission, they've translated my 118-story collection of elemental flash fiction.

Above is a simplified scan of a page grab of the website they built. The actual site is much more colorful. Plus, every single one of the elements has been illustrated. With really lovely, professional-quality illustrations. It's a joy just to browse through it.

In a perfect world, these folks would be getting paid for all their hard work. But at least they can have the satisfaction of a job well done. If I can get the names of the translators and artists, I'll post them in a later blog.

You can see the translation here.


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