Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Mountain of Books.

En route to Congres Boreal, I stopped by Lloyd Currey's place. (That genial man is pictured above, standing among a tiny fraction of his books.) L. W. Currey, Inc. buys and sells "rare, fine and collectible first edition books in all fields of popular fiction, with an emphasis on science fiction and fantasy literature from the earliest times to end of the twentieth century." I spent a happy hour or two wandering through his stacks of pre-WWII fiction, marveling at such titles as Queer Tales and Through the Sun on an Airship.

Alas, I cannot find my notes and so am unable to give you a fuller report. But Lloyd did show me his extensive selection of James Branch Cabell first editions, beautifully made and illustrated books in pristine condition, and mentioned that since the man's star has fallen so low, the prices on them are quite reasonable. I don't know exactly what reasonable is in the rare book field, but if you're looking for an entree into what can be an extremely pricey hobby, well, here's your opportunity.

I'll tell you a little about Congres Boreal on Friday. It won't be a full con report, though -- I have a novel to write.

An Update on the Earthquake in China

Ruhan Zhao reported in the "Comments" to yesterday's post: I have got a confirm from an editor of Science Fiction World magazine that all the editors there are safe.

Those giants pandas in Chengdu and Wolong (much closer to the earth quake center than Chengdu) natural centers are also safe.

Cecelia Qin wrote me from Chengdu, just a few minutes ago: Things here in Chengdu are not so bad. But I'm extremely worried about my family since my hometown locates just right next to the center. Luckily they are all fine. But, my mom is a doctor and is the head of a hospital, their major job now is to save all the patients that transported from center...all the safe places are cleared for the patients, but I'm not sure the doctors are so safe as well.

Like everyone else who's following this story, I'm tremendously moved by the enormous relief effort being mounted by the Chinese people. If anybody reading this knows where a contribution of money would do the most good, I'd be grateful to hear of it.



Ruhan Zhao said...

Cecilia just asked me to thank you for your concern. She may have to sleep on the sports field with other students tonight. Fortunatelyly Chengdu is warm.

Ruhan Zhao said...

Here is the link to American Red Cross for the funds on China earthquake relief:

Michael Swanwick said...

Thanks, Ruhan. I'll send them money today.

It is very generous-spirited of Cecilia express gratitude under such conditions -- and typical of everyone we met in Chengdu. It's part of why I like them all so much.