Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Of Ghoulies and Brandywine


From Ghoulies and Ghosties, Long-Leggitie Beasties . . .

(Part 22)

"Where are you going?" Kenny asked.

(Continued tomorrow.)

And my commentary . . . 
This is a single-sentence paragraph.  It's astonishing how well they work.  It took me forever when I was a young gonnabe writer to learn that.

You can read all of the story to date here.

And tonight  . . .  
I'll be at Ryan's Pub in West Chester, Pennsylvania tonight.  I'm talking to and chatting with the members of the Brandywine Valley Writers Group.  My remit is to explain how I write.  I believe they're hoping for more than "I move my fingers about on the keyboard until the words become bearable to me.  Then I do it over again."
We'll see if I have a straight answer in me.

Above:  That's the pub, I think.  I haven't been there yet and I got the image off the Web.



Frank Böhmert said...

Well, on the outside this pub definitively looks like a pub should look.

Tony Conaway said...

That's the place, folks: Ryan's Pub in West Chester! (There's also one in Phoenixville.) All are welcome. Bring quarters for the parking meeter, or park a few blocks away for free. I'm looking forward to meeting you, Michael. We'll be upstairs, with signs that say Brandywine Valley Writers Group. I'll be there by 5:45 to have dinner - hope you can join us for that. The meeting officially starts at 7 pm. -- Wayne A. "Tony" Conaway, former BVWG President & Co-author of the KISS, BOW OR SHAKE HANDS series