Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Ghoulies and Sir Plus . . .


From Ghoulies and Ghosties, Long-Leggitie Beasties . . .

(Part 12)

 He tried to pull away, but those bony fingers held him like shackles.  

(Continued tomorrow.)

And my commentary . . .

We have achieved menace -- now it's a Halloween story!   You can read all of the story to date here.

And speaking of my office . . .

Thanks to Rina Weisman, who both found and acted as my agent in the acquisition of it, I have now have a bust of the immortal Sir Plus in my office!  You have no idea how this fact fills me with joy.

Also visible in this picture are the framed original typescript for "From Ghoulies and Ghosties, Long-Leggetie Beasties . . .," a lantern filled with keys,  the book press where I keep my correspondence with Aubrey Darger, four dilophosaur legs (from a Robert Walters poster), and a couple of unfinished writing projects.


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