Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Ghoulies and Dismembrance . . .


From Ghoulies and Ghosties, Long-Leggitie Beasties . . .

(Part 9)
The face had no eyes, only blank skin over the sockets where eyes should be.   

(Continued tomorrow.)

And now we know . . .

The pale man, as we suspected, is not human.  Funny how these guys pop up most often at this time of year.

You can find all of the story serialized to date here.

And some while back . . .

At Readercon, Kyle Cassidy organized a weekend-long event in which Elizabeth Bear and I wrote a story, audience volunteers became the characters, and he photographed the volunteers to illustrate the plot.  Then Lee Moyer created a wraparound cover (above) for the whole project.

Thus was created Dismembrance. The project was a lot of fun and (need I say this?) determinedly noncommercial.

The story is now online.  You can find it here.


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