Friday, January 22, 2016

Ten Best Tweet Fictions


About a month and a half ago, I started posting very short SF & fantasy stories on Twitter, one a day. I called this project Tweet Fictions.

On Sunday, I'll post my fiftieth Tweet Fiction. In my experience, there's not a lot of overlap between people who read my blog and those who follow me on Twitter. For which reason (and because Fridays are a good time for light material) (particularly just before a blizzard) (and why this abundance of parenthetical asides, anyway?), herewith are the ten best -- strictly in my own opinion, of course -- to date:

12/14/15: The good news is that the world is going to end tomorrow. You probably don’t want to hear the bad news.

12/22/15: Philip K. Dick just materialized and told me everything is as it seems. Should I be worried?

12/28/15: The best proof of mass amnesia is the fact that we call this planet Earth -- as if it were the original one, and we'd always lived here.

12/31/29: It took every penny in our budget to put astronauts in Pluto. Show me where in the contract it says we had to bring them back.

1/1/16: This year I resolve to smash the time machine before I can go back and kill my younger self for smashing my time machine.

1/2/16: Had vision of Judgment Day: God asked how much string I'd collected.

1/3/16: Now that machines run everything, humans can focus on creative endeavors. Online solitaire, mostly.

1/15/16:There are some things man was not meant to know. Or so the High Matriarch of Earth tells me.

1/17/16: Weather alert: Timestorm today. Your sequence out of may go actions.

and of course, yesterday’s:

This tweet contains all human knowledge plus fourteen words as of April 17, 2114.  

And the best response was . . .

On December 23 of last year, I tweeted:

The day after I said that women can't write hard SF, Nancy Kress showed up at my door with a neutron gun.

Nancy Kress responded that it would take more than one neutron gun to kill me.

Nancy is too kind. For an ordinary hard science fiction writer, it would take more than one. But Nancy Kress is no ordinary hard science fiction writer.



MSS said...

Michael, come on. Nancy would have both a neutrino gun AND an gamma ray laser to clean up the residue. Be very thankful she has a sense of humor!

Michael Swanwick said...