Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The North Wind Speaks (the story to date)

At Marianne's request, here is the text of The North Wind Speaks to date:

The North Wind Speaks

My sister comes rustling through the birch leaves. Gentle she is, but restless, aloof, and intent on her search. What is the East Wind looking for? If only she'd tell us!

Which brings us tidily up to the  present episode.

And The North Wind Speaks (part 9) . . .

She has a thousand brothers 

(continued tomorrow)

And today's diagram . . .

A very careful diagram here of the entire novel as I then understood it. On top, the introduction of characters and major events. Those to the left are the written parts of the novel. The dotted lines below indicate events happening that neither Caitlin nor the reader know anything about yet. The events to the right are those at the end which I had figured out, more or less correctly. The arc over it represents Fingolfinrhod's life between his disappearance and reappearance.


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