Friday, April 12, 2013

Geeking OUT in Philadelphia!


The Philadelphia weekly newspaper titled, appropriately enough, Philadelphia Weekly, has a special issue this week celebrating local geek culture.  Click here for the overview.

I mention it in part because it contains a cut-down version of my Geekadelphia interview.  Click here to see that.

But also because it contains a similarly cut-down Geek of the Week interview with my pal, Gardner Dozois.  Click here to see that.

Also, editor Stephen Segal saw something I posted on Facebook about genetic computing and asked me to expand upon it.  You can read "In a Generation the World Will Be Unrecognizable" here.

But most significantly . . .

Philadelphia Weekly, in cooperation with Geekadelphia and arch-instigator Kyle Cassidy, has launched a campaign to have a historic marker erected in front of the apartment house where Isaac Asimov lived while working at the Naval Yard during WWII.  You can read about the kick-off event here.

And you can see the first draft (though it looks pretty good to me) of a video that Brian Siano made of the event here.

And you can sign the petition here.

If you like the idea, sign and share.

Above:  Tom Purdom, Gardner Dozois, Gregory Frost, Robert Walters, Tess Kissinger . . . in fact, I know almost all of the very interesting people in the photo above.  That makes me feel so very cool.  Photo by Kyle Cassidy.



Peter D. Tillman said...

OK, Michael. So, where are these cat pictures "Meet a Geek" is promising?


Peter D. Tillman said...

And this is very promising:

My library reserve copy awaits me.