Friday, April 5, 2013

Flash Mobbing for Isaac!


Two posts in one day!  I had just put up the nifty science video on Prince Rupert's drop when Marianne alerted me to the following I guess press release:

Here at Philadelphia Weekly, along with our friends at Geekadelphia, we’ve decided the time has come to call for an official Isaac Asimov Pennsylvania Historical Marker to be placed at the corner of 50th and Spruce, where Asimov lived while he wrote those historic stories.
So on Saturday, April 6, all Philly-area Asimov fans are invited to gather alongside as many local geek-culture luminaries as we can assemble in Barkan Park at 50th and Spruce, where noted science fiction photographer and PW contributor Kyle Cassidy will shoot a group photo as we express our support for an Asimov historical marker.
We’ll begin gathering at 4:30 pm, and mingle for a bit before shooting the group photo promptly at 5:30 pm. (We’ll also collect everyone’s name and contact info to sign the historical marker nomination form.) Afterwards, all are invited to wander down to Locust Moon Comics at 40th and Ludlow for Asimovian schmoozing and light refreshments.
 This is a worthy cause (and the neighborhood which Asimov and his wife lived in and hated while he was working at the Navy Yard during WWII would benefit from the plaque), and I urge anybody wo's close enough and can spare the time to join in the fun.

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neuroticboy said...

Awesome, Dr. A has always been my favorite Grand Master. thanks for posting this M.

j gadsby