Thursday, April 11, 2013

Geek of the Week!


At last!  I have finally received an honor that will impress my son. Who, let's face it, loves me but, having grown up in my presence, is not impressed.  Hugos, Nebula, World Fantasy Award, the Game of Thrones t-shirt I got George R. R. Martin to autograph with a Sharpee?  Those didn't do it.  But now . . . now. . .

Now, I am Geekadelphia's Geek of the Week

You can find the article/interview here.  At the Geekadelphia website, of course.

More on this tomorrow.



Mark said...

This is great -- congrats! Let us know when you next auction off a bottled story. I want to bid :-)

Michael Swanwick said...

I'll definitely post that info here if and when. But I never auction off a bottled story myself . . . it's always for some worthy cause.