Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow Tuesday


I've been working a lot, and partying a lot, and writing a lot, and  being sick a lot lately.  So this afternoon I played hooky.

First, Marianne and I went to the Woodmere Art Museum (our local; click here) for the John Folinsbee exhibit.  Then we darted off to the Morris Arboretum (click here) for a brief winter walk.  Then we hurried home, where Sean met us for a phone call to Marianne's mother, Mary Ann (Mrs. William C.) Porter on the occasion of her one hundredth birthday.  [Only a phone call?! you say.  No, no, no, the formal celebration in Washington, PA, is this weekend.  Cake!  Punch!  Guest lawyers!  If you're not there, then you are square.]   And then off to the Chestnut Grill (here), where, with a Vesper and a Millionaire's Cocktail, we toasted the great lady.

Then home to work, to blog, to build a fire, and to amuse Miss Mrrrlees.

This is, I blush to admit, rather a typical day around here.  May all your days be twice as happy as mine, but may mine first be twice as happy as whosever it is that you envy!

Above:  The Woodmere has a program where children come in and create art.  Here's a ceramic dinosaur created by one of those happy youngsters.  There were eight or so ceramic dinos on display and they were all great!


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