Monday, January 10, 2011

A Century Young and Still Going


I'm still on the road . . . but I'm coming home.  The past weekend was spent arranging for and then holding a 100th birthday celebration for Mary Ann (Mrs. William C.) Porter.  One hundred years!  A full century!  Even the President of the United States was impressed enough to send a card.

It was a weekend of reminiscences and family stories which, alas, I am too exhausted to share with you.  There were good times in Mrs. Porter's life (mostly involving Bill Porter) and bad (she is still convinced that WWII was a conspiracy on the part of a lot of men to get away from their wives and go gallivanting around the world).  There was also a daughter, Marianne Porter.  For whom I am and will always be unspeakably grateful

If you're planning to live to be 100 someday, be forewarned that there will be a party.  And if you want a good turnout, you'd better be nice to those you meet along the way.  There was a huge turnout for Mrs. Porter from family, friends, lawyers, church members, and grandson.  That speaks well for her.



Matthew Brandi said...

I'm not one to gush (when I could carp) but I do like that photo (which I presume to be of Mrs P).

mcp said...

That is indeed a picture of my mother, who thinks that it was taken before she and my father were married, probably in 1937 or 1938.


Michael Swanwick said...

The Sinclair women are and were a handsome lot. Good genes in that family, for sure.