Friday, January 28, 2011

Shoveling Snow in the City


 I almost got this blog written and posted in time to be Friday's post. The problem is that it's been a full day.  I spent the morning heroically shoveling the driveway, and then . . .

Oh, okay.  Shoveling a city driveway is not the simple task it would be out in the country where you can simply sling the snow to either side.  On one side of the driveway is the house.  On the other is our neighbors' drive.  So every shovelful has to be walked to the back yard and dumped. All told I'm guessing that a couple of miles' walk is involved.

So after a morning's heroic shoveling, we went to the Arden Theater to see our friend Jennifer Summerfield in the understudies' rehearsal of A Moon for the Misbegotten.  Which turns out to be a particularly intimate way of seeing a play.  The occasional instruction from the director only emphasized the artifice in a way that feels perfectly natural in this postmodern era.

Oh, and Jennifer was terrific, which was very satisfying.

From the Arden we went to a friend's house where a group assembled for a Restaurant Week meal at the Bistro St. Tropez.  Terrific food and when one of the party texted a friend about the event, his phone software autocorrected the name to Bistro St. Trapeze.

So I am happy, and hope you are too.  Sorry I'm a little late on this post.

Above:  Winter in the city.



Bruce said...

We live in Calgary and have an 80-foot driveway which didn't get shoveled today. Neighbor Clive - who has a corner lot and a long sidewalk to shovel - just scored a snowblower and did a half-a-dozen neighbor's walks, including mine, in a fit of irrational exuberance. We call mensches like him 'snow angels'.

Apropos of nothing, Mr. Swanwick, a couple of questions:

Do you have an inventory of your books you'd be interested in selling for $$$?

...and thanks for the peek into the writing's been a fascinating look at how the magic happens.

Michael Swanwick said...

I'm afraid that I've got too many irons on the fire to even think of setting up a side-business selling books at this particular time. I'm in the very strange position of generating ideas faster than I can write them.

If I ever hit a slow stretch, though, I'll give the idea some thought.