Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Attainable New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year!  And 2011 going to be a great one!  Already it's a terrific improvement on 2010 because I'm almost fully recovered from whatever it was that laid me low for all of yesterday.  How sick was I then?  So sick I couldn't eat.  So sick I spent the day in a semi-comatose state of misery.  So sick I didn't even feel like reading.

So all those SF writers of the 50s were right -- the future is better.

This year I decided to make attainable resolutions.  But not the usual lame and uninteresting attainable resolutions.  Cool attainable resolutions.  Ones worth achieving.

Here goes.  I hereby resolve:

To sample all the new drinks that Christopher, the bartender at the Chestnut Grill, has created.  These are not your prissy, overelaborated and multicolored monstrosities that plagued the 'Oughts.  No.  They are knowing and sophisticated variants on classic cocktails  -- what we old hands refer to as real drinks.  The lime gimlet -- a vodka gimlet with Christopher's own homemade lime liqueur -- is superb.

To bus up to NYC for friends and museums and such at least twice a month.

To travel out of the country at least twice, and always to remarkable places.

To blog a lot of very interesting stuff in the run-up to the publication of Dancing With Bears (on May 1st -- have I mentioned that date sufficiently often lately?).

To write, write, write.

All attainable, all fun, and all worth looking forward to.

And if you noticed that bit about interesting blog posts . . .

You'll want to check in here on Monday.

Above:  Miss Helen Hope Mrrlees.  I know I promised not to flood this blog with pictures of her.  But I didn't have any appropriate pix for this entry, and she's a good example of all the fine things 2011 already contains.  Also, I'm a fiction writer.  My word isn't worth a golly-gosh-darn.



Anonymous said...

happy new year, Michael
fine resolves, attain them all!


Bruce said...

Happy New Year to you and your's, Michael and to all who frequent this blog! (Particulary to 'h' whom I suspect is a purveyor of homely poultry.)